Mira Winery’s Innovative Approach featured in The Charleston Mercury

April 30, 2014

Mira President Jim “Bear” Dyke, Jr. discusses the innovative approach Mira Winery is bringing to the wine industry in The Charleston Mercury.

If you were to pose the following question to 100 winery executives, “What is the next step for a winery that has a 100-point winemaker, fruit sourced from some of the finest vineyards in Napa Valley, including Schweizer and Hyde vineyards and a portfolio of outstanding wines that includes a 92-point Syrah and 94-point Pinot Noir,” the answer from 99 of them is likely going to be, “keep doing the same thing” but that leaves one outlier.


From inception, inspired by the “Old World,” Mira Winery committed to producing wines with exceptional character and complexity while challenging processes from bud to bottle. We strongly believe that it’s possible to be a luxury brand that is also known for pioneering innovation; today’s competitive market demands it. On the one hand, the Napa Valley Register recently described Mira as a “brand to watch” describing our Schweizer Cabernet as a “WOW wine … it is a dreamy blend, displaying expected silky Stags Leap Dream tannins, prompting a velvety mouthfeel from this big red,” while at the same time we have established a process for aging wine in water.

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