The Napa Wine Project:
Mira Winery

November 6, 2019

“Mira Winery was co-founded by long time Napa winemaker Gustavo Gonzalez and Jim “Bear” Dyke. Their story covers multiple parts of the country, but is centered on the Napa Valley. Gustavo was in Washington DC in 2005 for some wine related events when he stopped by the the upscale Off The Record Bar at the Hay Adams Hotel – a brilliant name for a bar located basically across from The White House (on the north side). Enter from the main hotel entrance – cross the lobby and descend stairs into the inner sanctum of Washington politics. During a recent visit we spotted a number of well-dressed politicos hanging out in the caresses of the corner lounge booths.”


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Mira Locations

Southern Roots, Napa Grapes

Napa, CA

Home of our boutique, limited production winery.

Charleston, SC

Home of our tasting room for our Napa Valley wines.

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