Ocean Aged Wine – “Aquaoir”, by Mira Winery

Four Cases of Mira 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Took A Plunge Into The Charleston Harbor.

Contemporary divers searching sunken ships for gold and jewels may have stumbled upon an unexpected treasure among the wrecks of the ocean floor–a new process for producing wine. Wine recovered from shipwrecks has been found to have a remarkable taste suggesting it may have actually been enhanced by underwater factors.

This led us to wonder: Can the ocean help us create a better wine?

We aimed to find out. In late February, we placed 48 bottles of our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon in custom-made, submersible cages for 3 months to gauge the effects on the chemistry of the wine, and use the natural temperature, pressure and motion of Charleston Harbor to assist in the aging process – a process we coined at “Aquaoir“.

Curious for more about the  ocean aging of wine? Read more at Aquaoir.com

We retrieved the submerged cages in late May, successfully completing Phase I of our ocean aging process. Click here to view a bottle. A taste test was conducted by our Winemaker Gustavo Gonzalez and Advanced Sommelier Patrick Emerson of Communion Wine Club. Click here to review their tasting notes. The wine was also sent to California where it underwent chemical analysis. Click here to view.

“Something magical has happened with Aquaoir” – Patrick Emerson

Click here to listen to what they had to say!

On November 6, 2013 we will start Phase Two of the experiment, which will include sinking twice as many bottles (eight cases) for twice as long (six months). Simultaneously the Mira team will embark on a national Aquaoir tour, a seven city, seven day, blind wine-tasting tour that will include wine and culinary experts, restaurant partners and local participants who will be selected through Facebook (click here) to taste the land aged wine versus the ocean aged wine. Click here to find out more about the Aquaoir tour.


Read more on Phase II from Mira President Jim “Bear” Dyke Jr. in The Huffington Post

How can you participate? If you are interested in attending one of our blind wine-tastings click here to visit our Facebook sign up. Only 15 will be selected for each city so act fast.  Also, join the Mira Charleston Harbor Club to receive regular information about our ocean aged wine experiment. Updates will also be posted on Mira’s Facebook Page and Twitter @MiraWinery.

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Join the Mira Charleston Harbor Club to receive regular information about our experiment including tasting notes, chemical analysis and data we gather from the harbor.

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The wine housing was designed to withstand a harsh underwater environment including low temperatures, high pressures, and water currents while firmly securing the glass bottles without breaking.

Wine Aging Case for the Ocean

Each cage is constructed to each hold one full case of wine consisting of 12 bottles. The modular design was employed to sample the wine throughout the ocean aging process and monitor the progress of the batch.