Annual Releases

Throughout the year Mira releases an allocation of select wines representing our single vineyard, single varietal approach to winemaking. Made with the dedicated collector in mind, these wines are built to age from 15 to 30 years. We use 100% French oak with varying degrees of new oak, months in barrel, grain types, and toasts all carefully selected to complement and enhance the inherent qualities of our exceptional grapes.

In our single vineyard wines we set out to increase their complexity using various inputs and fermentation techniques, resulting in a wine where the sum of its parts is geometrically greater than what the linear process implies, creating scenarios where 1+1= 3. It’s similar to the Fibonacci sequence, where each number builds on the one that came before it, achieving a higher state of order and a beautiful elegance.

With such limited availability we encourage you to join our allocation list to gain access to future releases. Learn more about our most recent vintages below and then contact us to be notified of future releases.

We maintain a small library of past vintages to help guide us in our winemaking process and occasionally make limited library selections available for purchase. If you are interested in learning more about our library wines, please call (707) 945-0881 or email us.

Release dates are based on our current assessment of each wine and are subject to change.


Upcoming Release

Mira Cabernet Sauvignon
Schweizer Vineyard 2015

Long before Mira was born, Gustavo Gonzalez knew that when he had the opportunity to make a definitive Napa Cabernet Sauvignon under his own label, he wanted the fruit to come from the Schweizer Vineyard. One of the oldest vineyards in the Napa Valley, Schweizer has been producing grapes for premier wines for over 100 years and has been owned by the Schweizer family since 1956. Their stewardship of the land and appreciation for the unique qualities of the Stags Leap terroir make them ideal partners in Mira’s pursuit of the perfect single vineyard, single varietal wine.

From our specially designed French oak fermentation tanks – the first of their kind in the United States – to our extensive barrel program, including barrels designed according to the Golden Ratio, we invest every resource and care available to us into the production of our Schweizer Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, yielding a wine that is a true Napa Valley masterpiece.

Layers of seductive red fruit aromas interwoven with hints of minerality attract the nose. The initial contact with the palate hints at a brightness that is sure to allow the wine to gain complexity over many years while the middle is loaded with red fruit, supple tannin, and just a hint of French oak. The finale is grandiose with a sexy perfume filled return and a long finish that begs for another taste. This wine is non-fined and non-filtered. Expect some sediment from our pure approach to winemaking. This wine can be cellared for years to come.

Block 4: 337 clone | planted 1997 | 29 of 66 rows| 5 tons
Block 6: 4 clone | planted 1996/2001 | 33 of  50 rows | 10 tons
Barrels: 100% new French oak | 6 coopers | 6 grains | 9 toasts | 28 months

Next Release: March 2020
Release Price: $280

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Future Release

Mira Cabernet Sauvignon
Yountville 2017

Home to the Mira Winery & Hospitality House as well as a collection of exceptional vineyards, the Yountville AVA is representative of the Napa Valley’s journey from quiet agricultural community into one of the world’s premiere food and wine destinations.

The inaugural release of our Cabernet Sauvignon Yountville marked two significant occasions in the history of Mira – our 10th harvest and the first harvest in our new Winery – and demonstrated the tremendous potential for future vintages of this wine.

Barrels: 65% new French oak | 5 coopers | 1 grain | 2 toasts | 18 months

Next Release: 2021
Release Price: $120

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Future Release

Mira Cabernet Franc
Hyde Vineyard 2016

We set out to express the delicate, bright, and elegant characteristics of a cool climate Cabernet Franc using oak to elevate the wine through hints of cocoa and spice flavors and balance the tension with a round and supple mouthfeel. The result is a wine so unique that it really has no comparison in the entire world.

Block 1: Entave 214 Clone | Planted 2010 | 4 of 4 rows | 4 tons
Barrels: 100% French Oak | 50-75% new | 4 Coopers | 1 grain | 3 toasts

Next Release: October 2020
Release Price: $150

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Future Release

Mira Pinot Noir
Hyde Vineyard 2015

We make this wine to express the power and grace of the unique Calera clone using all new oak, taking the taster on a captivating journey through sublime aromatics to a powerhouse of flavors and texture in the mouth. The Calera clone is not widely planted in California, and in Carneros it’s unique to the Hyde Vineyard, but has everything we are looking for, requiring no blending with other clones. It produces a very concentrated wine of structure, earthiness, and fruit that has the potential for very long aging.

This wine is constantly evolving, even while in the glass, like a spiral that keeps growing, making it difficult to sum up. While the aromatics and complexity may reveal the spirit of finest areas of the Côte de Nuit, the soul of this wine is without a doubt of its native California.

Initial traces of familiar berries and spices reveal themselves as black cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, and earth as the wine begins to unwind. Definition from the acidity ensures a long and sublime finish filled with an ever-evolving essence of burnt caramel and a red velvet texture.

Block 1: Calera clone | planted 1999 | 15 of 49 rows | 4 tons
Barrels: 100% new French oak | 24 months | 2 coopers | 5 grains | 3 toasts

Next Release: May 2020
Release Price: $95

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Future Release

Mira Syrah
Hyde Vineyard 2017

877 is another uncommon clone that is not widely planted but offers everything we are looking for in our Syrah. Our goal is to showcase the matrix of flavors and aromas that are already powerfully present by maintaining their purity using very neutral oak. The micro oxygenation achieved from barrel aging provides a path to balance the natural acidity produced in the cool climate it grows in. This wine offers subtle reminders of the Northern Rhône but stands alone as a unique expression of Syrah.

Block 1: 877 clone | planted 2000 | 38 of 38 rows | 6 tons
Barrels: 95% 10-year old French oak | various coopers | 5% new French oak | 1 cooper | 1 grain | 1 toast | 18 months

Next Release: September 2020
Release Price: $80

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Future Release

Mira Jimmy D's Red Blend
Napa Valley 2017

If Mira’s pursuit of perfection is a journey towards the ideal single vineyard, single varietal wine, then Jimmy D’s Red Blend is an intriguing side path that we wander from time to time. Access to smaller lots of grapes from exceptional locations around the valley and our own youngest vineyards are what inspire us to step outside of the box and create this unique blend every vintage. More fruit-oriented, this wine still exhibits the complexity of its single vineyard brothers but is meant to just simply be delicious.

Raspberry, black cherry, violet, and spice aromas continue on the palate with additional very fruity flavors and a round middle that is punctuated by plum. The soft structure gears this finely tuned wine to a nutty, spicy finish. All in all a unique blend that suits many cuisines.

Barrels: 100% French oak | 30% new | 6 coopers | 1 grain | 2 toasts | 14-18 months

Next Release: 2021
Release Price: $75

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Future Release

Mira Chardonnay
Hyde Vineyard 2015

Here we seek to express the vivacity, restraint, and elegance of the Robert Young clone grown in cool climate Carneros, enhanced through a very light-handed oak approach and the added depth of full malolactic fermentation. This block produces very low levels of malic acid yielding a wine with freshness and minimal diacetyl character. The structure and flavor palette are reminiscent of the finest Grand Crus from the Côte de Beaune.

Our Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay at first reveals very subtle aromas that only begin to fully show themselves after some interaction in the glass. Honey, pineapple, and peach transform into apple, guava, and citrus leaf aromas. On the palate the gorgeous interplay of the wine’s acidity and honey flavors meld into a delicate and long mineral tinged with chamomile finish. Decant this wine to delve deeper into its complexity.

Block 1: Hyde Vineyard, Robert Young Clone, Planted 1997, 15 of 67 rows, 4-ton harvest
Barrels: 100% new French oak | 12% new oak | 2 coopers | 3 grains | 1 toast | 24 months

Next Release: November 2020
Release Price: $55

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