Miracles Grow on Vines

Winemaker, Gustavo A. Gonzalez has tended close to 3,000 acres and planted 15 different grape varieties in the Napa Valley during his career.

Mira’s newly planted 10.5 acre estate vineyard consists of small blocks of sought-after head-trained Cabernet Sauvignon, other Bordeaux varieties and the extremely rare Sauvignon Gris.

His deep relationships and stellar reputation have earned Mira access to fruit from two of Napa’s most coveted, internationally renowned family vineyards: Schweizer and Hyde.


Schweizer Vineyard

Schweizer Vineyard, one of the oldest in Napa Valley, has been producing grapes for premier wines for over 100 years and owned by the Schweizer family since 1956. This small 40 acre vineyard in the heart of Stags Leap District, brings together some of the best soils and the perfect microclimate for the growing of Cabernet Sauvignon. Mira’s Schweizer Cabernet perfectly reflects the unique characteristics of Stags Leap and represents the first time the Schweizer family has ever permitted a winery to designate the Schweizer Vineyard on the label. We like to refer to it as the most famous vineyard you’ve never heard of, until now.


Yountville AVA

Grown on the Yountville bench, bordering the Oakville AVA on the west side of the valley, this vineyard is in an ideal location to achieve the perfect combination of ripeness in Cabernet Sauvignon. Just northwest of the Mira Estate, this outstanding vineyard also features soils that hold more water and morning sun exposure, offering an intriguing contrast to our other fruit sources.


Oakville AVA

Located on the east side of valley and on the northernmost edge of the Oakville AVA is the transition spot from a Region II growing area (similar to Bordeaux) to a Region III growing area (similar to the Rhone). Considered moderately warm, summer temperatures are generally about one degree cooler than Rutherford, three degrees cooler than St. Helena, and eight degrees cooler than Calistoga. These attributes create ideal conditions for growing robust fruit with smaller clusters and berries that lead to generous levels of concentration and flavor.


Hyde Vineyard

Recently identified by the Wall Street Journal as one of “the five California vineyards you need to know,” Hyde Vineyard is the superstar of the Los Carneros region of Napa Valley. Larry Hyde began planting in what would become Hyde Vineyard in 1979. Recognizing the ideal conditions of East facing slopes, sun exposure and coastal influence, his experiments with vine row orientation, rootstock and clonal selection has resulted in a vineyard able to produce some of the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, while also producing stellar Syrah and other less common Napa Valley varieties. Recognized as “The Wise Man of Carneros” by Wine Spectator, it is no wonder grapes from this vineyard are so strongly sought after and Mira is proud to produce more varietals from Hyde Vineyard than any other producer.

Mira Locations

Southern Roots, Napa Grapes

Napa, CA

Home of our boutique, limited production winery.

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Home of our tasting room for our Napa Valley wines.

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