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Watch & Learn: Aquaoir 101

January 2, 2014

You might have heard about our experiments with aging wine in the ocean, a term we have coined as Aquaoir.  But, what is Aquaoir?

Aquaoir – from aqua,(“water”) is the interaction between a submerged container of wine and the set of special characteristics that a body of water and its environment hold – temperature, pressure, light (or darkness) and motion.


The concept of terroir is the belief that the land from which the grapes are grown imparts a unique quality that is specific to that growing site. Aquaoir is the concept that oceans, and other bodies of water, might impart unique characteristics on the aging process of submerged wine in water.

In 2013 we performed two Aquaoir experiments, the second of which we are planning to pull in May 2014 for tasting and comparison.  Watch the video below for a quick 101 on Aquaoir & our experiments.


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