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July 26, 2019

As July winds down in the Napa Valley we start to see a clearer picture of what the 2019 harvest will look like and so far all the news is good. Despite the late rains this year has been nearly ideal for grape growing, with spikes of heat at just the right moment and an abundance of grapes thanks to all the early water. Steve Schweizer recently told me that this may be one of the best seasons he has ever seen. We’re still months from harvest but given the consistent late season weather we’re blessed with here in Napa, there is genuine reason to be excited about this year’s harvest.

As a grape grower you would rather have too much than too little, both in terms of perfect weather and the prolific growth it encourages, but with that abundance comes some additional work out in the vineyards. Most growers are focusing on managing this year’s hearty vines, removing excess growth and foliage to begin and turn the plant’s attention exclusively towards ripening its fruit.

We’re looking forward to veraison beginning in the middle of August with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, followed by Syrah and then the Bordeaux varietals. That should put us on track to begin the harvest in the middle of September, slightly later than a typical year, thought that will give us a bit more time to prepare for our first harvest at the new Winery.

Progress out at 6170 Washington Street continues at a brisk pace, with new equipment arriving at the Winery every week and finishing touches going up in the Hospitality House. With all the exciting new developments we’ve got going on it was already going to be an amazing year for Mira, and now it looks like we’re going to be gifted an incredible vintage to match.


Gustavo A. Gonzalez

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