More Wineries Experimenting with Aquaoir, reports Decanter

June 27, 2014

Mira Winery’s pioneering Aquaoir experiment is spurring some innovation off the Coast of Finland. Decanter Magazine is reporting that “Veuve Clicquot has buried 300 bottles and 50 magnums of its Champagne in the Baltic Sea in an ageing experiment designed to commemorate the discovery of shipwrecked bottles in the same area in 2010.”

Mira became the first winery to experiment with ocean aging 2013, when we placed our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon 50 feet deep in the Charleston, South Carolina Harbor. The process, something we labeled Aquaoir, studies the interaction between a submerged container of wine and the set of special characteristics that a body of water and its environment hold – temperature, pressure, light (or darkness) and motion.

Citing Mira’s Aquaoir experiment, Decanter notes that Veuve Clicquot’s Chief Winemaker said they, too, will “see how the wine ages when compared with the same wines” aged on land.

Ideally, this latest Aquaoir test will help us get closer to the answering the question, “Does the sea hold the secret to truly great wines?” Only time and experimentation will tell, and we at Mira are excited to see others getting involved.

Visit for more information on the process, the science, as well as others experimenting in ocean aging.

Click here to read Decanter’s full article about Vueve Clicquot’s recent experiment.

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