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Construction Update: Phase 1

October 19, 2018

Our contractor, Tom Andrews, describes the initial phase of construction as putting in the infrastructure for a small city. Trench, pipe, fill, repeat. We have put most of the necessary connections for power, water and waste but its an ongoing process with lots of necessary organization. Its not the most exciting from a visual standpoint but obviously crucial to our longterm viability.

At the same time we have poured the footings and some of the slabs that will be the foundation for our buildings. The hospitality building framing is beginning to define the sites size though not as aesthetically pleasing as it ultimately will be. Regardless, we are coming up out of the ground and that is very exciting to see.



This time next year, we plan to be making wine and the hospitality house will open in August of 2019.

I will keep you up to date on our progress and, as we get closer, share some additional details about the look and feel of our new home.

—Jim “Bear” Dyke, Proprietor

Mira Locations

Southern Roots, Napa Grapes

Napa, CA

Home of our boutique, limited production winery.

Charleston, SC

Home of our tasting room for our Napa Valley wines.

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